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Plant Care Essentials

  • Plant Scissors - Urban Sprouts
    Plant Scissors - Urban Sprouts
    Urban Sprouts

    Plant Scissors

    from $29.99
    11 in stock

    Plants need clean, sharp, high quality tools to prevent infection while trimming or shaping - especially for plants that may be struggling. Use the...

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  • Pruning Shears - Urban Sprouts
    Pruning Shears - Urban Sprouts
    Urban Sprouts

    Pruning Shears

    10 in stock

    Plants need sharp, high quality tools to avoid any issues that may occur while trimming or removing material. Designed with cutting power in mind, ...

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  • Wrought Iron Shears - Urban Sprouts
    Urban Sprouts

    Wrought Iron Shears

    41 in stock

    Plant scissors need to be durable, sharp, and attractive - plants deserve clean incisions to heal easily from, and plant parents deserve something ...

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