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Terrarium & Activity Bar

Play with your plants

Our newly expanded terrarium and activity bar provides ths space, inspiration, supplies and guidance to bring your leafiest visions to life!

Make an environment all your own,  with a large selection of terrarium plants, glass, and accessories to choose from.

Walk Ins & Reservations

Our workspace is available for first come first serve spontaneous plant activities anytime during our regular business hours.

OR make a reservation! For $10/person you'll secure a team member to lead you through your build.

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The perfect activity for all kinds occasions!

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Public Events

We host group events available to the public every week! Learn a new skill, take home a one of a kind project you'll love and maybe even make a new friend!

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Terrarium Bar FAQ

When can I make a terrarium?

Our terrarium bar is available for walk-ins on a first come first serve basis during our regular business hours. Daily 10-6!

How much does it cost?

Our a la carte pricing means you can make terrariums of just about any size or price point!

Glassware, plants, crystals, props, and other decorative elements are all priced individually.

Substrate layers are complimentary with the purchase of glassware and plants!

Most spend between $50 - $150 on their builds but we have seen all kinds of projects built both above and below this range.

Make a reservation and for $10/per person you get 30 minutes of 1:1 assistance from one of our expert team members during your build!

Do I need to bring my own materials?

We have everything you need to make a one of a kind terrarium you'll love!

We have a wide range of glassware, plants, and decorative items available.

If you're joining us for a walk-in build or have a reservation at the bar you are welcome to bring materials from home you'd like to include.

We do have a small charge for soil/substrate layers when you bring your own supplies, which is complimentary when all supplies are purchased at the time of your build.

We ask that you do not bring your own supplies during our public workshops.

Is it kid friendly?

Absolutely! Supervised children 4+ are welcome to join us at our terrarium bar for builds and for our public workshops!

How much care does a terrarium need?

Light and water requirements will vary depending on the size and contents of your project.

Foliage terrariums generally prefer to stay damp, while arid ones need to dry out between waterings.

Larger terrariums need care less frequently and are more resilient to care and environmental conditions than small ones.

Most terrariums will do best in an indirect light exposure.

Do you offer private parties?

We sure do! We can host parties and events in our space for all kinds of occasions. Birthday parties, team building events, bridal showers.. you name it!

Submit a private event inquiry here or submit the contact form at the bottom of this pace and a team member will reach out to learn more about your event!

Help - my plants are turning yellow!

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Got a question about our terrarium bar or about having a private event with us? Submit the form below and we'll reach out to learn more about your event and answer any questions!