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Liven Up Your Event at Urban Sprouts The Perfect Place for Green-Thumbed Gatherings!

Are you in search of a unique and engaging venue to host your next event?
At Urban Sprouts nature and creativity come together to make every occasion unforgettable.

Hosting workshops of all sizes since 2015

We're proud to have hosted events for a diverse range of occasions and groups, from local business teams, to industry giants like Amazon, REI, BECU, and Microsoft, and your friends and family for a birthday party. Our experience in curating one-of-a-kind plant-based activities ensures a memorable experience for all.

Space Customized to Your Needs

Whether you're planning a cozy gathering of four or a larger party of up to 20, our flexible space can accommodate your group comfortably. Need even more room? We can expand into the adjacent space to accommodate larger parties too!

Unique & Fun Activity Topics

At Urban Sprouts, we offer an array of engaging and interactive plant activities to choose from, including:

  • Terrarium Building: Craft your own mini ecosystem.
  • Kokedama: The art of creating hanging moss balls.
  • Bonsai: Discover the ancient art of cultivating miniature trees.
  • Air Plant Frames: Create stunning living wall art.
  • Succulent Bowls: Design your own succulent masterpiece.

Packages for Every Budget

We understand that events come in all shapes and sizes. That's why we offer a wide range of event packages, starting at just $50 per person. No matter your budget, we have the perfect package to make your event a success!

Unforgettable Experiences

Our private events aren't just gatherings; they're experiences that bond teams, friends, and families. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and create lasting memories.

Contact us to create your perfect event

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Ready to host an event that's truly unique and unforgettable? Contact us to book your private event now. Let us bring the beauty of nature and the joy of creativity to your next gathering. Your adventure in the world of plants begins here.

Call or email us today to start planning your plant-themed private event at Urban Sprouts.
Let's make memories, cultivate creativity, and celebrate together!

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