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Plant Clinic Guide

The Plant Doctor is in!

Whether you’re perplexed by discolored leaves or apprehensive about repotting, our clinicians are here to provide you and your plants expert guidance through current and future plant-woes.

We offer solutions to your plant care problems that support the long term success of your plants, work with your care routines and preferences all while minimizing harm to the environment.

Meet our clinicians

Why you'll love the clinic

  • Enjoy your plants more, confident in your ability to keep them looking gorgeous

  • Fall BACK in love with plants that have been looking a little ragged

  • Save time and energy by delegating the plant tasks you don’t love

  • No clean up! We'll do the dirty work for you

  • Expert advise, no gimmicks just biology

Getting the care your plants deserve is easy!

  1. Check in (drop off
    or schedule a pickup)
  2. Diagnosis
  3. Treatment
  4. Return (pickup or delivery)
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  • Compassionate Custom Care

    Personalized and knowledgeable plant care help catered to your goals, experience

  • Earth Friendly Organics

    Effective and environmentally conscious treatments including simple and organic soils and treatment solutions

  • Book in advance or drop off your plants any time during store hours

  • NEW - Boarding Services

    Enjoy your travels knowing your plants are in expert care. No more coming home to distressed plants.

Our Services

For nearly 10 years we have been perfecting our clinic services so you can be confident that your plants are getting the very best care.

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What our regulars are saying

I always bring my plants here for repotting and care. Jen & her team are so knowledgeable!

Tiffany P.

I have learned SO much coming here the last few years. I know my plants are well cared for and I learn something new about becoming a better plant mom.

Eviee W.

Whenever my plants look sad I turn to Urban Sprouts, they always know what to do!

Amber R.

Clinic FAQ

How many plants can I bring?

As many as you'd like! Each diagnostic service covers up to 5 plants at a time but you are welcome to bring just one, or your whole collection!

How do I schedule a pickup?

We now offer pickup and return delivery all over the Puget sound area!

Contact us or Learn more about our pickup services here!

How do drop offs work?

Drop offs are welcome at our Renton location anytime during our regular business hours! We are currently open 10-6 daily.

We are located at 724 S 3rd St Ste B Renton WA 98057

Upon arrival a team member will help you to fill out a drop off slip, which includes a few questions about your plants' history and care goals plus contact information.

While your plant is in the clinic they are receiving the utmost care and attention.

Within a few days your clinician will be in touch with the results and recommendations from your plants' diagnosis. Learn more about how the clinic works

Text or call us 206-789-0710 for questions or directions!

How much does it cost?

Each session begins with a diagnostic service for $25 (covers up to 5 plants). Save $5 on diagnostic services by scheduling your intake session here!

After their diagnostic inspection your clinician will recommend treatments based on their findings and your long term goals.

Treatment costs vary depending on the size of your plant and the scale of the service performed. Most services for small plants run $5-25 and $15-75 for large ones. View our service menu here.

It is important to us that services are accessible to everyone! Installment options are available for clinic dues over $50! Feel free to discuss financial parameters with your clinician.

Can I bring my plants in if they have pests?

Absolutely! We have procedures in place to make sure that pest and fungal infections are unable to spread to our store stock or to other patients in the clinic.

Please note if your plant does have a pest, for the safety of the plants in our care, we require at least one treatment application even if you choose not to pursue inpatient treatment.

Why hasn't my clinician texted me yet?

Your plants' health is our top priority!

Due to high patient volume it can take a few days after check-in before your clinician is able to reach out with their diagnosis.

While in the clinic all of your plants are being carefully monitored and tended to. Higher risk plantsget priority for diagnosis and treatment.

If more than 5-7 days have passed please reach out to make sure we have your correct contact information.

How long will my plant be in there?

Treatment time varies depending on the plant and the care it needs. Most plants spend 1-2 weeks in our clinic.

Can I bring my own supplies?

Your clinician will propose product and services based on your plants' diagnostic results, and materials best suited for their future long term success.

All of our products are carefully curated with effectiveness, sustainability, timeless aesthetics, and your plants' long term health in mind.

If you would prefer to provide your own materials you may drop them off within 48 hours of request.

Due to limited space after 48 hours latency charges apply until we are able to resume treatment.

Utilizing the products provided here will result in the lowest treatment rates and quickest turnaround times.

What if I decide not to follow through with treatments?

Our top priority is always your success and the long term health of your plants. Your clinician will propose, products and services based on your plants' diagnostic results and the long term health of your plants.

If at any point during treatment you have questions or concerns about your plants treatments please feel free to ask! Our clinicians are happy to educate, clarify and provide context around the recommendations they make.

If you decide not to follow through with treatments that is ok too. Its important to us that you feel confident about your plants' health decisions. Note that charges for materials and services that have already been rendered will be due upon pickup or return delivery.

Want to know more?

Book a 30 minute video chat with a clinician to have all your plant questions answered!
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