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Clinic Pricing Guide

Whether your collection is ready for an annual checkup or your grandmother's heirloom Christmas cactus needs rehabbed we believe all plants deserve access to quality care. 

Transparent pricing and payment options

Standard Services


Our diagnostic service is applied to every clinic visit. This service includes the thorough inspection and expert analysis of the health and condition of your plants! Each service covers up to 5 plants in a single visit.

Diagnostics $25 for up to 5 plants.

Save $5 on your diagnostic by pre-booking your plants' intake here

Pickup & Delivery

Transportation to and from the clinic is easy! We now offer pickup and return delivery to the greater Puget Sound area fro Tacoma to Lynnwood!

Pickup charges range from $40 - 200 depending on the size of plant(s) and location. Return delivery is complimentary within the delivery area in most cases.

For delivery map and more details about getting pricing and scheduling visit our pickup service information page here.


Pair details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

Root / Foliage Trim

Removing root and foliage tissue for health and cosmetic purposes during treatment.

Cost of treatment varies depending on size and scale of the project. Services range from $5 - 50 in most cases.

Root Soak

Root soak treatment targets emaciated, damaged, or dehydrated tissue in roots and foliage, strengthens and prepares healthy tissue for upcoming treatments, and may reverse early stage root damage.

Bare or soil-bound root system is submerged in treatment solution for 24 hour increments. Solution is refreshed daily until plant produces visible response.

A root soak treatment is applied when roots, stems, or foliage are visibly dehydrated or damaged, or may be applied as a preventative stress reducer if plant is expected to undergo additional treatments/services.

Plants that receive a root soak treatment are expected to experience a reduction in post-stress symptoms. Treatment does not guarantee to negate all post treatment stress response.

Soak is $10 - 20/day depending on liquid volume needed.

Soils & Substrates

Substrate upgrades are recommended when a plant is showing signs of damage or is in a more delicate state following treatment.

Substrate upgrades include anything additive or replacement that is not our in house standard potting mix.

Aggregates run $3 - 15/quart.

Pest / Fungal / Bacterial Treatment

Got pests? No problem! We offer expert pest treatment services that are environmentally friendly, effective, and safe for your plants!

Pest, fungal, and bacterial treatment services are based on the cumulative time spent actively treating your plants. In most cases it takes 1 - 2 weeks to reach 1 hour of active treatment time. Pest treatment services include treatment solutions and are billed at $60/hour. In the event that your plants' treatment requires more than 1 hour of treatment time we will contact you to discuss continued treatment with us or at home options.

Please note, for the safety of the other plants in our clinic and shop, if your plant has pests we require at least 1 treatment application in order to stay with us in the clinic even if you choose not to continue treatments with us after diagnosis.

Mounting / Supports

Supports are added to plants with natural tree-climbing growth habit or those with etiolated growth that require structural support. Mounting services run $5 - 75 in most cases.

We offer a range of specially curated support apparatus, each suited for certain kinds of plants and their structural needs. Supports range from $2 - 100, most being in the $20-50 range.

Sterile Cut / Propagation / Split

Cutting, splitting, surgical infection removal, propagation and other incision based procedures vary a lot in scale and application. These services generally run $5 - 75.

Planters & Hard Goods

For the last 8 years we have been fine tuning the selection of planters, accessories and other plant care accessories we offer in our store and clinic! We stand behind the quality, effectiveness and timeless qualities of each and every item.

We take care to make recommendations for based on the needs of your plant and making accommodations to meet your care needs with your plants!

Prices on individual hardgoods vary. Utilizing the products provided here will result in the lowest treatment rates and quickest turnaround times.

Specialty Services & Other Charges

Bonsai & Terrarium Maintenance

Annual bonsai root + foliage trim $25 - 75

6 - 12 month terrarium maintenance includes fungal spot treatment, glass cleaning, foliage trim and full inspection. Ranges $25 - 100


We are excited to now be offering boarding! Our clinic will safely house and care for your plants while you're away.

Fees based on up to 5 plants
24 hour $15
Weekly $100
Monthly $300

Pickup and return delivery also available for boarding services. Please see our pickup and return services page for details.

Kokedama / Mounting

Convert your plants into a hanging masterpiece!

Kokedama Wrapping $25 - 55

Mounting $20 - 50 + plaque


In the event that we are unable to make a delivery after first attempt we may issue a charge to cover costs of re-delivery. Pricing and application on a case by case basis.


Latency charges enacted when moving forward on treatment or services of a plant is past the stated 24/48 hour period waiting on action from the plant owner.

This includes but is not limited to waiting for supply drop off, pickup or delivery arrangements.

24 Latency $15


In some cases a service not listed here may executed and billed for. We will discuss treatments and their associated costs in the case of exceptions.

Payment & Installments

Cost of materials and services rendered due
at pickup or prior to return delivery.
Online payments collected over emailed invoice in most cases.
Other payment options available upon request.

Cost shouldn't prevent your plants from getting the care they need. If you have concerns around the cost of treatment feel free to discuss your parameters with your clinician at the start of treatment. We are also happy to offer installment options for any order over $50 through Shoppay!

Learn more about shoppay