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Schedule Group Event - Self Serve

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You can now book a private party at our workspace with ease! Use the drop down menus below to select your desired project and price point (which will determine the complexity of your projects) and then select the "Schedule your time" button to book your event!

Please update the quantity of your listing to match the number of attendees in your group.

Based on your selections we will create a kit of materials for each attendee to make during your event. 

60 minutes of instruction time ($20 per person) is included with each listing. In most cases your projects will take 30 - 90 minutes to complete. Feel free to stay and complete your projects but we act that your group concludes their use of the workspace after 2 hours so others can use it.

*We will add more photos to this listing to give you an idea about what your groups project may look like at your selected level. Please note that kits will be created using the products we have available in the store so the materials available will vary.

If you'd like more information please send us an email and we would be more than happy to work with you to create an event that's just right for you!

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