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I feel welcome and well taken care of every time I go into Urban Sprouts. Jen and the team are so knowledgeable. I love that not only can I get beautiful plants to decorate with, but care instructions and an endless amount of support once I get home. They are the best!

Sara B.

I have been to other plants stores in the past, but have never found myself returning to them over and over as I do with Urban Sprouts. The shop has the most unique and varied collection of all things from plants, crystals, pots, and much more... It has the best service possible for your plant babies. Whatever one could possibly need help with in caring for one's plants, Urban Sprouts is always readily available to help! Thank you!

Simmer K.

Before learning about Urban Sprouts, I used to buy plants and cross my fingers for their survival. Jen and her team continue to support me in being a better plant parent, teaching me about plant care, behavior and preferences, and even interesting facts about origins and general plant knowledge.

Melissa J.

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  • all-about-soil-gnats
    May 19, 2020

    All About Soil Gnats

    Soil gnats, also known as fungus gnats, are just about as Houseplants 101 as it gets. They’re easy to get, easy to get rid of, and easy to prevent in the future. Most plant parents will experience this pesky pest at least once in their plant journey - they can even be thought of as something that’s unsurprising for beginners, like falling down when learning to ride a bike or forgetting to wet your canvas when you’re learning how to paint.
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  • 8 Weird Plant Facts
    May 13, 2020

    8 Weird Plant Facts

    It's easy to go on forever about plant care techniques and go down the rabbit hole of nitty gritty plant science, but sometimes it's fun to just talk about plant weirdness. Enjoy these 8 weird plant facts! 1. Living bridges...

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