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Cat Deterrent Plant Spray

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We've all been there: we want to put our beautiful plant babies somewhere they'll look nicer or maybe where they can get a little more sun, but our cats just keep chewing on them so we can't! Well, we at Urban Sprouts say NO MORE! Cat owners shouldn't have to choose between their cats and their plants!

Simply spray this on your plants, and cats will be dissuaded by the smell and taste! It has an organic citrus base, which cats hate and plants don't care about in the slightest, so there's no need to worry about harm to your plants or your cats.

Contrary to popular belief, cats can absolutely be trained - it'll take a little while, but once your cats learn that your plants taste bad from here on out, they'll get the hint!

Disclaimer: cats are finnicky and complicated creatures with very distinct personalities and tolerances. If your cat is one that often eats strange things or isn't affected by smells and tastes, this product may not be as effective. If your spray doesn't work on your cat, you can use it on your skin or bath water if you like the smell!

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