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Bacterial Inoculant Fertilizer

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The BEST all purpose fertilizer! Highly recommended by our owner, staff, and customers!

1 small packet makes at least 3 gallons; the 4oz makes about 12-15 gallons; the 8oz makes about 25-30 gallons.

This amazing bacterial innoculant fertilizer contains dehydrated colonies of the beneficial microbes and accompanying micro-nutrients that live in healthy soil ecosystems. When re-hydrated these beneficial microbes kick start the natural processes in your soil, reintroduce crucial nutrients, and lead to better overall health than regular fertilizers. Within days you will notice visual improvement of just about any plant.

Historically these results were only possible using a messy and time consuming bacterial tea. Now just add water!

Can be used on ANY plant indoor or outdoor (except for air plants - which do not live in the soil).

You can not burn plants with this fertilizer. Use re-hydrated mixture within 72 hours (microbes will begin to die without soil to live in). Use every 6 - 8 weeks to maintain optimal soil health. Use when moving plants to a new location, transplanting, when lower leaves of plants begin to yellow, in the fall to help plants transition into dormant periods. For best results use with organic soil.

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