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October Succulent - Lithops

October Succulent - Lithops

Lithops originated in the deserts of South Africa. They are also called “Pebble Plants” and “Living Stones” because of their thick padded leaves which resemble rocks or a cleft animal hoof. Most of the lithop is underground with only the leaves visible which help confuse grazing animals and conserve moisture.

​Lithops are not great outdoor plants in the pacific northwest as they require heat and dry conditions to thrive.


Lithops require very high light conditions so you will want to place yours near a Southern facing window. Unlike other succulent varieties there is no need to transition Lithops into their new location. You can also use a grow light to supplement. We recommend these if you need a grow light bulb.


Lithops adapted in a very dry environment and require very little water. For best results plant in a small well-draining shallow container with cactus mix or a blend of potting soil and sand.. Water the soil and avoid getting too much on the plant, then allow the soil to dry completely before watering again. Your schedule will vary depending on the conditions in your home but typically about once every 2 - 6 weeks. The most common issues people have with this species are from over watering.


Lithops can be fertilized in the spring to encourage blossoms. Use a slow release or watered down cactus fertilizer.

​Long Term Care

Lithops are extremely slow growing plants and will stay small. As long as they are kept warm and dry they are easy to care for and will last a nice long time.

​Pet info
Lithops are not toxic to animals or humans.