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Creating a Coastal Oasis at Home

Creating a Coastal Oasis at Home

Allow us to set the scene: A pair of french doors overlooking the ocean, the soft sound of the waves lapping against the shore, while the sunset paints a pastel scene across the sky. If you're anything like us, you're mentally transporting yourself here every day. ⁠

As much as we wish we could send you all on your very own coastal vacation, it's not exactly in the marketing budget. So, until that day comes, we're bringing the vibes to you! Before we release you to start shopping, it's important to touch on some of the pillars of a coastal-inspired home. 

Coastal Colors

One of the hallmarks of a coastal-inspired home is the myriad of nautical blues and sandy creams. Reminiscent of the ocean itself and the sandy shores it crashes upon, coastal homes focus on clean, neutral colors, with splashes of navy blue and sea salt grays. 

Seaside Plants

As your resident plant experts, we would be remiss to not mention the very best plants for your coastal home! We recommend tall banana trees and airy palms. 

Nautical Textures

Now is the time to add accents and accessories! Crisp linens, wicker baskets, and rope knots make for great finishing touches! 

With a bit of guidance and inspiration in hand, you're ready to shop our curated collection of coastal-inspired plants and pottery and turn your home into your dream beach oasis!