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Jen's Top Tips: May 2022

Jen's Top Tips: May 2022

Each month, we're featuring unique advice from our in-house plant expert! A published author and longtime plant parent, Jen is the owner over here at Urban Sprouts! Check out her Top Tips for the month of May!

May Tips

1. The roots systems of plants are meant to reflect the branching systems above. Thick roots usually indicate the plant has more root ball than it needs, while plants with shallow root systems and heavy branches signal a different kind of imbalance. When repotting, check to see if any pruning is necessary, as it will reduce transplant shock and create a more balanced system for the plant. 

2. Dark brown spots on your Fiddle Leaf Fig? Your plant is probably experiencing some root distress! (Either they are not drying out properly or are growing in a binding pattern.) Got light brown spots instead? Usually a sign of excessive dry out!

3. When creating a terrarium or garden bowl, it pays to pack in your plants! Plants grow to fit their environment. Planting more tightly not only adds texture and variety, but helps the plants keep their size consistent within the group. 

4. A plant that is lacking nutrients may exhibit the same signs as a plant that is being underwater. if you haven't changed your watering schedule, try repotting with organic potting soil and water with a bacterial inoculant. 

5. When repotting, get into the root mass with your fingers, separating individual roots and shaking off loose soil. This ensure the roots can escape their binding pattern and grow more effectively. Removing the soil allows them to better access their nutrients. 

6. Whenever a plant is physically pushed, a special hormone is released into the cells that make them more rigid. If your plant is still young and you want to experiment with strengthening your stems, I would recommend using a gentle fan. (Make sure it's not blowing cold air.)

If you found this information useful, there's more where that came from. We share Jen's weekly tips (and so much more!) over on our Instagram page. Give us a follow!