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November Succulent - Titanopsis Calcareum

November Succulent - Titanopsis Calcareum


Titanopsis Calcereum’s semi-flat paddle shaped and roughly textured leaves make it almost undetectable in the rocky quartz fields of South Africa where it originates. Like Lithops, they are considered a mimicry plant. In late fall and winter, they bloom light yellow flowers that resemble a daisy with lots of petals. For best results plant in high drainage soil and place in a high light area.


Titanopsis Calcereum require very high light conditions so you will want to place yours in a Western or Southern facing window. You can also use a grow light to supplement. We reccomend these if you need a grow light bulb.


Titanopsis require very little water, especially in the summer. For best results plant in a small well-draining shallow container with cactus mix or a blend of potting soil and sand, and moderately dry soil. Water the soil and avoid getting too much on the plant, then allow the soil to dry completely before watering again. Your schedule will vary depending on the conditions in your home but typically about once every 2 - 6 weeks. Make sure no water gets stuck between the leaves as it can cause rot.


Titanopsis Calcareum can be fertilized with a watered-down cactus fertilizer in the fall and winter to encourage blossoms.

Long Term Care

Titanopsis Calcareum are slow growing plants and will stay small. As long as they are kept warm and dry they are easy to care for and will last a nice long time.

Pet info

Titanopsis Calcareum are not toxic to your pets