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November Air Plant - Tillandsia Glabrior

November Air Plant - Tillandsia Glabrior

Glabrior originated in the rain forests of South America. With it’s striking red blossom it will be a lovely addition to a terrarium or mobile. To keep your plant happy it’s best to imitate that kind of growing environment as best as possible. Don’t worry, though. Glabrior are hearty and requires very little care. Unlike traditional plants, air plants like Glabrior get most of their nutrients through their leaves, with roots that are for gripping to trees or rocks rather than gathering nutrients.

Glabrior prefer warm environments. They can survive outside during the warmer months, but will likely be happiest in your home.


Glabrior require bright filtered light conditions. They can be placed near most windows, but be aware North facing windows might not get enough light. You can also use a grow light to supplement, just make sure the light is still filtered and indirect. We recommend these if you need a grow light bulb.


Glabrior adapted in rainforests and can grow in a humid or dry environment as long as regular misting occurs. They can be placed on sand, moss, or other materials that don’t absorb a lot of water. To water your Glabrior plant mist until it’s evenly coated twice a week, and soak 10 to 20 minutes every couple of months, making sure to allow your plant to drain upside down to ensure that all of the moisture drains from the crevasses.


Your air plant can be fertilized weekly in the spring and summer to encourage blossoms using a spray on fertilizer like this one (link to fertilizer used in store)

Long Term Care

Glabrior can last you a long time with correct care and regular fertilizing.

Pet info Glabrior plants are not toxic to animals.