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January Little Plants - Assorted Sempervivum Mini Plugs

January Little Plants - Assorted Sempervivum Mini Plugs

The frost hardy Sempervivum add life to even the coldest landscapes! These beautiful rosettes range in color from green to purple and some species even include cotton like webbing.  These beautiful plants are native to higher elevations found on mountains in temperate climates, making it one of the more frost tolerant succulent families ( they can stay happy all the way to -20 degrees Fahrenheit)  For best results plant in high drainage soil and place in a high light area in or outdoors.


Sempervivum enjoy high light conditions so you will want to place yours in a Western or Southern facing window. You can also use a grow light to supplement. We reccommend these if you need a grow light bulb.


Sempervivum require well drained soil and very little water  In fact the most common issue with Sempervivum is over watering. For best results avoid getting too much water on the plant and allow the soil to dry completely before watering again. Your schedule will vary depending on the conditions in your home but typically about once every 2 - 6 weeks. Make sure no water gets stuck between the leaves as it can cause rot.


Sempervivum can be fertilized with a watered-down cactus fertilizer. Although most need only occasional fertilization (maybe once a quarter or two).

Long Term Care

Some Sempervivum can take many years to bloom and are semelparous (meaning they die after flowering) but before that happens your plant will reproduce throughoffsets that cluster around the base of the “mother” plant. If left to grow they will expand to form a clumping mat or you can divide and repot the offsets. Others flower annually and continue to grow for several years

Pet info

Sempervivum are not toxic to your pets!