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February Succulent - Domino Cactus

February Succulent - Domino Cactus

Domino Cactus are named for the clumps of their wooly small spines which resemble the dots on a domino against their dark emerald skin . They are part of the Echinopsis family, which are native to south america.  They produce a unique large white flower that blossoms at the end of a surprisingly long stem. . For best results plant in high drainage soil and place in a high light area indoors. They can be moved outdoors during hot dry days during the summer, but acclimate to direct light slowly to avoid scorching.


Domino Cactus love high light, especially during their growing season. During the winter, a southern window is your best bet or supplement with a grow light. By the way, grow lights aren’t the big bulky things they used to be. In fact you can put a bulb in your favorite desk lamp!   . We reccomend these if you need a grow light bulb.


During it’s growing season in the summer water your Domino Cactus when soil is dry (every 2-6 weeks depending on the conditions of your home). In the winter when the cactus is dormant, revert to misting to avoid over watering. Having good drainage is essential to the happiness of your cacti. Make sure your Domino Cactus doesn’t end up with it’s roots sitting in water by planting it in a small well-draining container with cactus mix or a moderately dry blend of potting soil and sand.. If you have a pot with a hole and a dish under it make sure to empty water from the dish afterwards.  


Your Domino Cactus can be fertilized during it’s growing season with a cacti fertilizer mix, and does not require fertilizer during it’s dormant season.  

Long Term Car

The most important thing to remember is to keep your Domino Cacti warm and dry.  They can be re-potted during the warm months if they out grow their container.  

Pet info

Domino Cacti are not toxic to dogs and cats but would probably hurt to bite, so be aware of curious critters when you’re deciding where to place your new plant.