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Service - Pot Drilling

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Got a pot you love but it doesn't have a drainage hole?

Drop it off at the shop and we'll have it drilled for you! 

No appointment needed for this service - simply drop off your planter!

You are certainly welcome to purchase this service ahead of time, however we recommend paying for this service when you come by for your drop off so we can be sure your pot and your order number stay together. If you are purchasing the service ahead of time please have your name and or order number ready so we can pair it with your planter before you leave.


**Please note that this service usually takes 1-3 business days. We send your pot down to our greenhouse and our in house woodworker (also my dad!) drills the hole and then sends it back. You will be notified via your provided contact information when your pot is ready.

**There is a small chance that the planter will break when its being drilled. We have a very high success rate but it is always a possibility. By engaging in this service you are acknowledging that breakage is a possibility and that there is no refund on drilling service fees nor any replacement product owed in the case of breakage.

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