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Urban Sprouts

Rose of Jericho

This plant is the perfect solution for beginners for one simple reason: this plant can be brought back from the dead!

In case you're wondering - no, this plant doesn't stay brown and dry. When you place it into wet soil, it comes to life and turns green and vibrant!

Rose of Jericho is native to the deserts of Mesopotamia and the surrounding countries, where it dries up all the way during the dry season and comes back to life when the rains come to release its seeds. This is great news for you - if you accidentally underwater it, just let it dry out all the way and then try again!

Place a dried (or "desiccated") Rose of Jericho into soil that's been watered so much that water is dribbling out of the hole in the bottom, and keep the soil just like that! Make sure you're also misting the leaves every day. If you feel like you'll forget to mist, put the potted plant on a tray of pebbles filled with water and the evaporating water will keep the air around the plant humid.

And that's it! Easy, right? Finally, a plant that WANTS to be overwatered and has zero consequences for getting it wrong!