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Pilea 'Money Plant' 4"

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Botanical Name: Pilea Peperomioides

Common Name:  Chinese Money Plant, Coin Plant, Pancake Plant​, Mirror Grass, Missionary Plant, Lefse Plant, UFO Plant, and Friendship Plant

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Native to Southern China, the Pilea peperomioides belongs to the Urticaceae family and has captivating disk-shaped leaves. It can even produce blooms of small white flowers on pink stems! They make a great addition to any home due to their easy care and unique structure.When this species of Pilea was first discovered, it was considered very rare. Today, however, it's very easy to find since it's been widely cultivated as an ornamental house plant. 

This plant multiplies by producing offshoots called "pups''. Many even believe this plant is lucky because of how quickly and easily it grows and reproduces! ​​​​​​​Pilea peperomioides love humidity and a consistent temperature, making them great for terrariums!​​​​​​​

Pilea Peperomioides at a Glance:

  • Tolerant to household temperature fluctuations
  • Love some humidity but does not require
  • Low to bright (indirect light)
  • Water when top 1-2 inch of soil is dry

Armed with a little knowledge, Pilea Peperomioides are a joy to have!

Struggling with your Pilea Peperomioides

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