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New Summer Hours!! . . . . . . Now Open Mon - Sat 10-7 Sun 10-5!
New Summer Hours!! . . . . . . Now Open Mon - Sat 10-7 Sun 10-5!

Monstera 'Deliciosa' Floor Plant

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Most tropical climbing plants prefer an indirect light. Being climbers, they normally find themselves growing up the sides of trees in their native habitats. As such, they’re used to having most of their light filtered through the canopy of the trees above. Monsteras and other members of this group (Rhaphidophra tetrasperma and Philodendron cordatum) will want as bright of a light as possible but will easily suffer from sunburn if the light is too direct. When it comes to grow lights most will want the bulb to be at least 2 feet away if not a little further. These plants would love a high output light best but want to be a little bit of a distance from it.

 This listing is for the plant only. Planters and accessories not included.
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