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High Output Pendant Grow Light

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These beautiful minimalist pendant lights by Soltech Soulutions are the perfect way to add some seriously high quality luxury lighting for your plants into your décor! The elegant canister design is easy to hang over a special plant or group of plants. Their output is strong enough to keep even your bright light loving plants growing strong and the visible color the light produces is a clean natural museum quality white.

Available in black and white and 2 sizes. Each is equipped with a  standard 120v power chord (15' long) with on off toggle!


Canister Size: 3x3x6"
Light Output = 2000 Lumens
Power Consumption = 20 Watts
Rated Life = 95,000 Hours
Color Temp = 3,000 Kelvin
Voltage = 110 Volts


Canister Size: 4x4x7
Light Output = 3000 Lumens
Power Consumption = 40 Watts
Rated Life = 95,000 Hours
Color Temp = 3000 Kelvin
Voltage = 110 Volts 

Recommended use:

Place 2 - 8 feet away from plants, avoid foliage touching the bulb directly. Turn on for 4 - 12 hours a day depending on the needs of the plants. Please text or DM us on Instagram (@urbansproutsstore) if you have questions about how long to run your grow lights!

Periodically dust fixture to prevent any buildup. 

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