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Spring classes are here! Click here to view the schedule.

Grape Ivy 'Peruvian'

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Just look at those little curls! Did you know that Cissus is the scientific name for the genus of plants that grapes belong to? Some surprising members of this crew include the Cissus discolor (Tapestry Vine), Cissus striata (Sugar Vine), and Cissus rotundifolia (Peruvian Grape Ivy)! Shown here is the Cissus rotundifolia or Peruvian Grape Ivy. Its thick glossy leaves and easygoing growth patterns have earned this plant a spot among my personal favorites!

Those adorable curly pig tail like tendrils will grab onto nearby objects to help the plant climb! With a string or trellis you can tease this plant into just about any shape you'd like!

Water when the top one inch of the soil is dry and keep in an indirect light. It is tolerant of most indirect lighting conditions making it a viable option for some lower light settings. Fertilize regularly for optimal growth.

This listing is for the plant only. Planters and accessories not included. 
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This is my local plant store, and they’ve managed to turn me into a total plant addict. I really love that you can call or message them about help with any plant you have, wether you bought it there or not. Their commitment to the health of your plants is truly unique.

Stella W.

I’m not local to Urban Sprouts, but do follow them on social media and have had them ship to me. Their customer service is always the best. They always reply to me quickly and make sure all my questions are answered. They make sure to always engage with their customers. Their plants are top quality!

Dehbani V.

This is THE BEST local plant business in Washington and my personal favorite plant store of all time! They make sure if there’s any issues (like bugs or not so great roots) they won’t send the plants out if they don’t think they’ll thrive in your home!

Kenny W.

I ordered three plants and one planter and they were all hand delivered to my door. I am so beyond impressed and in love with Urban Sprouts.

Erin G.