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Classes re-start in August! ---> Click to view calendar
Classes re-start in August! ---> Click to view calendar

Fern 'Bird's Nest'

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Did you know that not all Ferns need to be watered all the time? Tropical Ferns like this Birds Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus) are lovers of humidity but are much more tolerant of occasional dry out than their temperate cousins. This is a convenient way to get your fern fix without the daily upkeep of, say, a Boston Fern.

Asplenium nidus likes a medium indirect light best but can live in dimmer conditions without much complaint. Water the soil when it becomes dry to the touch or when you can stick your finger into the soil to the first knuckle before feeling moisture. Mist regularly for optimum fern-y bliss, but most of our homes are humid enough to not require misting.

This listing is for the plant only. Planters and accessories not included. 
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