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Bromeliad 'Guzmania - White' 4"

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The creamy bracts of Bromeliad Guzmania White unfurl in tiered elegance, making this neutrally toned tropical beauty anything but boring.

Bromeliads are epiphytic perennials that originate from the rainforests of Central and South America.  They are easy to care for, pet safe, and feature brightly hued inflorescence  making them a favorite for plant lovers everywhere.

Bromeliad’s bloom towards the end of their life with flowers that can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. After the flower spike is spent, your Bromeliad will begin producing pups at its base, sometimes right away and sometimes it takes a while.

 To give the babies the best chances at a healthy, established root system we recommend waiting to harvest them until the mother is in decline.


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