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Aloe 'Minnie Belle' 2"

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The petite Minnie Belle is an Aloe hybrid that bursts with charm, bedecked in show-stealing structural teeth and cream-colored freckles.


This succulent classic is more than its famous medicinal family member, Aloe Vera. Aloe comes in a variety of colors and growth patterns. Aloes are drought tolerant, making them an easy starter plant for new or forgetful houseplant caretakers.

.With enough light, Minnie Belle produces a spike of bell-shaped vermillion flowers during spring and summer. Named after breeder Ed Hummel’s wife, this succulent beauty grows in clusters and looks stunning as part of a succulent terrarium or on its own.

These cuties are native desert dwellers so give them lots of light and let the soil dry completely.


Need help with your aloe? Our plant care clinic is here for you.


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