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Creativity Blossoms at the Terrarium Bar

Make an environment all your own,  with a large selection of terrarium plants, glass, and accessories to choose from.

Thinking About Making a Terrarium? 

Show of your unique style at our Terrarium or Flower Bar!

Design a mini forest complete with cabin.
Construct a soothing desktop water garden.

Bring a smile to your partner's  face with a  thoughtfully arranged bouquet in their favorite colors!

 Walk in or make an appointment for a memorable with your friends or a special date night with your favorite plant lover. 

Our large collection of tropical and succulent terrarium plants lets you create something perfectly suited to your style and space.

If you've never made a terrarium before but are  eager to give it a try,  book an appointment and one of our team members will be available to help you through each step. 

Our Activity Bars are also there for any plant project you want to take on. Use it to make a Kokedama, try fern mounting, or design a unique centerpiece for your table. 

Why Choose The Terrarium Bar?

  • Walk-ins and appointments fit your schedule and experience level

  • Large selection of plants, accessories, and glass to choose from

  • Specifically designed for plant projects for easy cleanup

  • Make memories you can take home with you

  • Bring life and fun into your space with your creation

  • Show off your personality and taste with trinkets, crystals,  accessories, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between a class, reservation, and walk-in? 

 Classes provide a more structured learning environment and an opportunity to connect with new friends. A class begins with an overview of the project your creating in a lecture style, with an instructor providing support during the project construction. 

Reservations get you going on your project immediately, with one of our team members helping you through each step of your creation in a more casual setting. 

Walk in’s are self guided. We have instructions posted of the different steps you need to follow, but staff support is minimal. It’s a great option for more experienced or DIY focused terrarium builders. 

  • Can I bring my own container? 

You can bring your own containers to terrarium bar walk ins or appointments. We do ask that you not bring your own containers to more formal classes.  
  • What is the care commitment for a terrarium? 

How much care your terrarium needs depends on the size, content, and location of your terrarium. Terrarium needs can range anywhere from every few days to months between waterings. 

One of our helpful team members can help you put together something that suits both your aesthetic and care needs. 

Outside of regular watering we recommend that your terrarium get a check up every 6-12 months. 

Bring them by the shop and we can trim and refresh as needed so your terrarium remains beautiful and easy to care for for years to come.   

If you are concerned about the health of any of the plants in your terrarium any time you are welcome to send us a picture or bring it into the clinic.
  • How much does it cost? What does my reservation cover? 

Your reservation fee covers the time and expertise of one of our team members, as well as ensuring you have space at the bar during your allotted time. 

The total cost of your project is up to you. Each component is labeled with a price, the total and is tallied based on the supplies used at the end of your project. Substrate components are included when you purchase of a container and plants at the time of your build. 

We usually tell people to budget similarly to what a moderately priced night out would be. 

  • How long does it take? Can I go over my reservation time? 

It’s typical for projects to take between 20 to 90 minutes.. As long as no one is waiting, you are welcome to take as long as you need to get your terrarium just right.

  • Can I have a party at the terrarium bar?

Yes! We have hosted various private events in our space, form bridal showers, birthday parties, and even corporate team-building events. Send us an email for availability and pricing. 


  • Can I make other projects at the terrarium bar?

While we specialize in terrariums there are a variety of other projects you can make at the terrarium bar. We've helped customers put together kokedama, bonsai, desktop gardens and more. We’re here to help you fill your home with plant life in ways that feel authentic and fun to you.

If you're reserving the terrarium bar for a specific project, describe what you have in mind in your reservation. This helps us  ensure we have the expertise and supplies you need on hand.