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Liven up your next photo shoot or event with plant rentals!

Create stunning moments, make any venue feel like a destination, or help possible buyers envision their future in your home. 

Renting lets you reap the benefits without the commitment (or the price tag) of a purchase. 

Need to add some life to your event or images?

From living center pieces to charming backdrops, plant rentals are a sustainable and economical option for event planners and realtors alike. 

Whether you're hosting a special event or taking images of a home for sale, our selection of potted and unpotted plants, terrariums, and succulents will add a touch of greenery and elegance to any occasion.

Our plants are carefully selected and maintained to ensure they are healthy and thriving, and our team will work with you to create a customized rental package that fits your needs and budget.


- Wide selection of plants, including potted and unpotted options, terrariums, and succulents

- Customized rental packages to fit your needs and budget

- Delivery and setup included

- Maintenance and care instructions provided


- Sustainable alternative to floral arrangements or plastic plants

- Create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere

- Turn any space into a revitalizing oasis

- Enjoy the benefits of plants without the commitment of ownership

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