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5 Reasons Experienced Houseplant Caretakers LOVE Our Clinic.

5 Reasons Experienced Houseplant Caretakers LOVE Our Clinic.

We talk a lot about the ways we can help inexperienced plant caretakers surf the learning curve by getting personalized support from our clinicians.  Our clinic is great at helping people learn to decipher the signals their plants are sending them, holding hands through the first pest treatment, and serving as experienced plant backup for any questions or novelties. 

However many of our customers with years of experience  LOVE our plant clinic as well. 

Here’s why. 

1. We have everything on hand 

 Depending on your space situation and the variety of plants you have, trying to keep everything you need on hand can get expensive and take up a lot of space. 

Instead of sacrificing precious square feet to soil bags, many of our customers opt for an in shop re-pot…even if they’ve been doing this for years.

2. Skip the mess…and the clean up

We have at LEAST one person a day commenting on how genius our re-potting table is. It’s designed to make not only the project but the clean-up super easy.  Plus, we take care of your old soil so you don’t have to haul it down the white carpet steps from your condo to the outdoor compost bin.  

3. Two sets of eyes are better than one

Diagnosing and treating plants is one of our central offerings. We’ve seen just about every variation of an issue possible, and have what we need to treat them on hand.  

Many of our customers like the assurance they get of having another person look over their plant for any signs they missed, or to help them confirm the issue so they can be confident they are using the proper treatment. 

 4. Plant issues don’t wait until you’ve got a free moment

Many of our customers bring in plant projects that they could take care of on their own, but they’ve got other priorities. 

Deadlines take precedence to the re-pot.

 A weekend get away is more fun than a mealybug treatment.

There’s nothing wrong with delegating parts of your plant care from time to time. 

 5. They don’t want plant care to feel like a JOB

Sometimes it feels fun and rewarding to take care of your plants yourself, and sometimes it feels like a grind. 

Instead of putting off the projects and chores indefinitely, many of our customers decide to book an appointment with us instead.  There’s something to be said for making space for the parts of plant care you enjoy by letting someone else handle the parts you don’t.

Whatever your experience level may be, we’re here whenever you want a little help tending your plants. Your success is the heart of this shop, and we believe part of that is ensuring you have a place to ask questions and share your enthusiasm.  

 We love being a part of your growth. Celebrating the wins, helping you learn from the losses, and most of all helping you have fun along the way. 

Ready to get some help with your plant? Drop them off anytime OR save $5 on your service by Scheduling your Intake!

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