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The Ultimate Non-Plant Gift Guide for Plant Lovers

 Having a plant lover on your list can leave you shopping at the last minute so you're not stressing about caring for a plant before it's gifted. Here is our ultimate guide to non-plant gifts for plant lovers!

1 ) Plant Activity Kits

We’re excited to offer two easy to ship and give project kits - Kokedama and Moss Mini Mushroom Terrariums. Each comes with materials and comprehensive instructions

Tip: Ship kits to your out of area loved ones and complete together over a video chat or schedule a time at the terrarium bar to make them together with expert guidance!

Shop Activity Kits

2) Watering Tools

No plant collection is complete without tools that look good and do the work!

Watering tasks can go from woe to WOW when you have tools that fit your style and are equally fun to use.

We’ve curated a selection of watering tools we know you’ll love - because we do too!

Tip: Match your watering tool gifts to your loved ones favorite metallic or color - they’ll keep it out all year long and make remembering to water that much easier

Must Have Watering Tools

3) Floral Goodies

Sometimes even a plant lover can have enough plants BUT there’s nothing more thrilling than adding something new to the group.

We now have a selection of vases, floral supplies, and fresh and dried botanical stems/blooms so you can give the gift of plants without adding to the count.

Tip: Select a vase your plant lover will love and include a gift card for them to select flowers they love from our flower bar - or come together and make bouquets together!

Learn more about the flower bar

4) Plant Activities

If your plant person is a PNW local give them a plant-y activity they won’t forget!

Our terrarium & activity bar is open for walk-ins and reservation for groups of 1-40+ daily

Tip: Select a vessel and pair with a gift card and class schedule or brochure for the perfect wrappable activity-centric gift.

Learn More about the Terrarium Bar

5) Plant Care Tools

We’ve spent a decade carefully curating a selection of plant care tools and accessories for everything from trimming, to fertilizing and plant support that are the best of the best!

You can safely choose any of our plant care tools and accessories knowing your loved one is getting something good.

Tip: A gift card can be used for tools they select themselves OR can be used towards anything else in the store including services rendered in our plant clinic.

Shop Plant Care Tools

The guide to non-plant gifts for plant lovers provides an array of thoughtful options for those passionate about greenery without the pressure of nurturing more plants. From engaging project kits like Kokedama and Moss Mini Mushroom Terrariums to stylish and functional watering tools, the selection caters to diverse tastes. Additionally, floral goodies offer a delightful way to augment a plant collection without adding more plants, while local activities at the terrarium and activity bar provide a memorable experience for PNW residents. The meticulously curated plant care tools and accessories ensure quality and functionality, making them ideal gifts. With suggestions ranging from personalized gift cards to interactive activities, this guide fosters both creativity and convenience for gift-givers and plant enthusiasts alike.

As always, if there is anything we can help you with on your plantcare journey today we're just a text, DM, call, or visit away!

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