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How to Design a Minimalist Space

How to Design a Minimalist Space

Let’s be blunt: life is chaotic. Which is why creating a space that feels calm, clean, and simple is like an oasis for so many people. Thus, the rise of minimalism! The famous monochrome look of the ‘80s has come roaring back. So where do we come in? These minimal interiors act as the perfect blank canvas, providing a backdrop for indoor plants, and allowing them to serve as stunning focal points. While the framework of your room remains subtle and sleek, your houseplants can bring small doses of color and texture into the space. 

Celebrate the One

Minimalism celebrates the loneliest number, a solitary specimen in a neutral container strikes a perfect pose against a black-and-white background. Instead of clustering, choose a single plant with a striking shape or color and let it take a place of honor. A stunning palm standing sentry in the doorway, or a dense pothos trailing down from the ledge of your white-tiled tub.

Neutrals Are In

The sleek white-on-white palette is one of the most famous elements of the minimalist look. When selecting new pottery, opt for whites, blacks, and other neutrals. This keeps the space feeling clean and cohesive. If you’re interested in adding a touch of color, choose a single accent color and find small ways to incorporate it into your space. Avoid any items that are overly vivid or neon in color. Accent colors should still be soft, so they can easily blend with the simple neutrals. 

Lines on Lines on Lines

Another key piece of the minimalist style is the use of lines. This can be accomplished in two ways. The first is through physical lines in your designs, for example, through striped bedding or color blocked art. Additionally, you can cultivate the minimalist look by creating imaginary lines in your composition. When hanging frames or other decor, keep them within a single plane to maintain a calming sense of order in the home.

If this style appeals to you and you’re ready to design the minimalist dream of your home, we’ve got you covered! Gone are the days of combing through magazines or endlessly perusing aisles, we’ve curated a collection of plants and accessories to help you achieve the look you want, with ease! Shop the collection now.


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