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8 Unexpected Plants That are Easy to Love & Why

When our feeds are full of variegated leaves and pops of color It can be easy to miss some of these all-green queens, but take another look. Not only are they stunning each in their own right, but they're also easy to care for and bring a touch of nature's beauty right into your home. In this post, we're unveiling 8 green plants we love to love, each with its unique charm and low-maintenance appeal.

Palm 'Ponytail' 6" - Urban Sprouts

1) Ponytail Palm

1) Ponytail PalmWe adore ponytail palms for their striking, upright appearance and remarkable resilience. With their charming plump base and lively, cascading leaves, they exude personality. These plants require minimal watering and grow at a leisurely pace, making them the perfect choice for those who appreciate a compact plant.

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Cactus 'Fern Leaf' - Urban Sprouts

2) Cactus 'Fern Leaf'

2) Fern Leaf CactusThis beauty is an epiphytic cactus that comes from tropical southern Mexico. We love them because they can tolerate indirect light and are flexible about watering. A little more or less than their ideal and they’re ok. PLUS they can produce absolutely stunning flowers!

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Urban Sprouts Rare Plant 4" in nursery pot Monstera 'Peru'

Monstera 'Peru'

Much like their famous family members the Monstera deliciosa, the Peru are fast growing, adaptive and charming plants for people of all abilities. They prefer their soil to dry out most of the way between waterings and given ideal care transform into fenestrated beauties but will remain almost as cool with their waxy textured leaves (shown here) with minimal care.

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Arrowhead Vine 'Batik' - Urban Sprouts

4) Arrowhead 'Batik'

We love Synognium in general because they are forgiving and flexible . They like to climb but will also drape gracefully if left unsupported. They’re tolerant to a range of lighting conditions and can handle drying out too!

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Pothos 'Marble Queen' 4" - Urban Sprouts

5) Pothos 'Marble Queen'

Pothos are the quintessential plant collection stable. They’re fast growing, rewarding, and will grow just fine in a wide variety of temperature and lighting conditions. They’re also expressive so they’re perfect for anyone who wants a visual reminder when it’s time to water

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Urban Sprouts Plant 10" in nursery pot Umbrella Plant

6) Umbrella Tree 'Alpina'

We love umbrella trees because they are very light range tolerant and can also go quite a while between waterings despite their lush green appearance which would normally signal they’d like much more water. They also grow relatively quickly and are easy to prune into whatever shape plant you’d like!

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Urban Sprouts Plant 4" in nursery pot Pilea 'Aluminum Plant'

7) Pilea 'Aluminum'

Members of the Pilea family are commonly known as friendship plants because of their unmatched ability to propagate quickly so you can share them with your friends. They’re also light range tolerant, fast growing, and many (like this aluminum) have beautiful textures and colors in their leaves.

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Urban Sprouts Plant 6" in nursery pot Prayer Plant 'Burle Marx'

8) Never Never 'Burle Marx'

Never never plants are the chill cousins of the Marantacea family. You get the striking painted foliage of a calathea with the expression and light range tolerance of a peace lily. We LOVE never never plants for their communication skills and flexibility.

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In a world where our social media feeds are often dominated by the vibrancy of variegated leaves and bursts of color, it's important to remember the subtle yet captivating allure of all-green plants. These 'green queens' offer not only a timeless elegance but also the gift of simplicity. Their low-maintenance nature and adaptability make them ideal companions for both seasoned plant enthusiasts and beginners. So, the next time you browse your feed or stroll through your local nursery, take that extra moment to appreciate the understated beauty and unique personalities of these 8 green plants we've come to appriciate.

As always if there is anything we can do to help you on your plant care journey we're always just a text, call, DM, or visit away!

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