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8 Plants Your Cat Will Leave Alone

Most of us want some type of greenery in our spaces, but for those of us that also live with cats, the potential hazards of curious kitties turning houseplants into toys can be a real concern. In this guide, we'll explore a selection of indoor plants that are *usually* uninviting to cats so you can have the best of both worlds.

Cactus 'Lemon Ball' - Urban Sprouts

1) Cacti: Nature's Thorny Guardians

  • Cacti are the epitome of cat-resistant plants. With their spiky exteriors, they deter even the most adventurous felines with a little poke or a gentle bristle.

  • Varieties like the Saguaro, Golden Barrel, or the Prickly Pear make great, low-maintenance additions to your home that cats are likely to avoid.

  • Plus, cacti are low maintenance and only need watering when their soil is fully dry. Perfect for the on the go or pre-ocupied plant pur-son.

(Shown: Lemon Cactus)

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Urban Sprouts Plant Snake Plant 'Laurentii'

2) Snake Plants: Upright and Unyielding

  • The snake plant, known for its sturdy, upright leaves and light and water tolerant care needs.

  • Their rigid leaves stay put even when disturbed so they make very dull toys and are likely to be left alone.

  • It's a robust, air-purifying plant that can survive even in low-light conditions.

(Shown: Snake Plant 'Laurentii')

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Yucca Cane Large 10" - Urban Sprouts

3) Yucca: Stiff & Unbothered

  • Yucca plants, with their rigid, sword-like leaves, are an excellent choice for cat owners. Their static nature leaves little room for cat-induced chaos.

  • Yucca's leaves are slightly sharp at the edges which gives them just a little fight back. They're not so sharp that they will harm your cat, they may just think twice about taking a bite.

  • Yucca are also upright growers so if you start with an established plant may not even have leaves at your cat's eye level.

(Shown: Yucca gigantia)

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Urban Sprouts Floor Plant 10" in nursery pot Dragon Tree 'Lemon Surprise' Floor Plant

4) Dracaenea: Tall & Tantalizing

  • Dracaena plants, including the popular Corn Plant (Dracaena fragrans), have tall, upright canes and foliage that's elevated above ground, making them less tempting for cats.

  • Their striking appearance and air-purifying qualities make them a stylish and practical choice too.

  • Dracaenea are low water and low light tolerant too, which makes them flexible about placements so you can keep them somewhere less temping.

(Shown: Dragon Tree 'Lemon Surprise')

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5) Zebra Succulent: Ribbed & Rigid

  • The Zebra Plant, a type of Haworthia, features small, spiky rosettes that are less appealing to cats. They don’t move around at all and have an unpleasant texture to chew on. Plus their compact size makes it a great choice for smaller spaces and windowsills.

  • The zebra succulent is just one of a whole group of plants called Haworthia. The whole lot of them are particularly tolerant succulents that your cat won't mess with.

(Shown: Haworthia 'Zebra')

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Bromeliad 'Guzmania - Orange' - Urban Sprouts

6) Bromeliad: Sharp & Striking

  • Bromeliads, with their sharp-edged, spiky leaves and intriguing forms, add an exotic touch to your home while discouraging cat exploration.

  • They come in a variety of striking colors and shapes to suit your style.

  • They are also tolerant to a wide range of lighting conditions and can handle drying out from time to time.

(Shown: Bromeliad guzmania 'Orange')

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Money Tree 10" - Urban Sprouts

7) Money Tree: Tall & Tolerant

  • The Money Tree, with its tall, braided trunks and pinnate leaves, creates an intriguing yet unappealing environment for your cat.

  • Its height keeps leaves out of eye level and make it a much less tempting target for playful paws.

  • Money trees are also sympbols of good luck and bringers of wealth, what more could you need from a plant?

(Shown: Money Tree 'Braided')

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8) ZZ: Sturdy and Regenerative

  • The ZZ Plant, with its robust and unyielding stems, is a top choice for homes with cats. It's practically indestructible and not a favorite among feline chewers.

  • ZZ plants grow from potato-like roots that store lots of water too, making them very drought tolerant and oh so easy

(Shown: ZZ (Zanzibar Gem))

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These cat-resistant plants offer a safe and stylish way to bring greenery into your home, even with a curious cat in the vicinity. While no plant is entirely cat-proof, these selections, with their thorny, upright, and non-interactive qualities, will help you create a harmonious space where you and your feline companion can coexist peacefully.

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