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5 Things Your Rubber Tree Wants You to Know About Them

 The hardest thing about plant care is understanding the care needs each of your plants have. Once their boundaries become clear there are a number of ways you can orchestrate your setup and care routine so that both your needs and theirs are met!

We wanted to have a little bit of fun with the concept of getting to know your plants' needs so here are 5 things your rubber tree wants you to know about them:

Rubber Tree 'Tineke' 12" - Urban Sprouts

1) I get a little cranky when things around me change too much

When you first bring me home, please find me a spot to live somewhere that doesn’t get drafty and don’t move me around the house too much. I tend to drop leaves when the temperature shifts suddenly.

2) I am for sure a creature of habit

I thrive when my soil dries out at the same rate and time frame consistently. Check in regularly and water when my soil dries about ½ - ¾ of the way out.

Urban Sprouts Floor Plant Rubber Tree 'Burgundy' Floor Plant

3) There’s a rumor going around that I like to be root bound

The truth is I just keep my grievances to myself. When my pot starts getting tight or I’ve got decay in my roots I won’t complain until after it’s been a problem for me for a long time. I should get a root exam about once a year.

4) I like light but I don’t need to be right in front of the window

My dark green leaves help me capture light even in lower light settings and I prefer consistency most of all. An interior corner in a well lit room is the perfect spot.

Grassland - Specialty Soil Blend - Urban Sprouts

5) I’ve got woody roots under the soil so I need my substrate to be nice and chunky

I really love the grasslands soil blend, it gives me the moisture control and airflow my roots need to stay tip top!

Get Grasslands Soil

In understanding the care needs of plants, one can effectively establish a harmonious routine catering to both the plants' requirements and the caretaker's preferences. The quintessential rubber tree, while a charming addition to any space, comes with specific needs and peculiarities.

If you would like any help getting your rubber tree - or any other plants in your collection - in tip top shape don't hesitate to reach out! Our helpful team members and houseplant clinic are always here for you.

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