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Trellis or Pole Mounting Appointment


Need help getting your plant mounted onto a trellis or moss pole? Our expert staff is here to help!

Many tropical climbing plants will benefit from having a properly installed climbing structure! Mounted climbing plants tend to grow faster, with larger leaves, and will stay much more tidy in your space.

Here are a few plants that would love a moss pole:

Philodendron (except self headers)
Spreading Ferns such as Kangaroo or Bean
and more!

Bring any and all plants you would like service for, our staff will assess each one and guide you through selecting pots (if needed) and then will repot/trim each one.

Your service provider will recommend the moss pole, plank, or trellis that will best suit the needs of your plant. Pricing will be discussed before service is performed. Moss poles are between $15 and $45 except in special cases.

 24 hour appointment cancelation policy, no shows or cancelations within 24 hours of appointment time will surrender booking appointment fee.