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Spring classes are here! Click here to view schedule

Tillandsia Tricolor 'Melanocrater'

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Botanical Name: Tillandsia

Common NameAir Plant

Tillandsia, is a funky member of the Bromeliaceae family with about 650 different species! Air plants are typically found in Mesoamerica, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the South-Eastern  region of the United States. 

Tillandsia are epiphytes which mean they live on other plants. They don’t depend on roots for their nutrients, instead they absorb through their leaves. And did you know they can bloom? It’s only once in their life, but they are also known to produce offshoots known as “pups”.

Tillandsia at a Glance:

  • Low to bright (indirect) light
  • Prefers dry climates over humid
  • Sensitive to cold temperature below 70 degrees
  • Soak in water once a week for 10-20 mins
  • Dry air plant upside-down after soaking

(Ensures proper drying to prevent rot)

Struggling with your Tillandsia? 

Feel free to reach out to us anytime! We're happy to troubleshoot what your plant needs!