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Strip Light Grow Lamp

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These lightweight grow lights are perfect for supplementing the natural sunlight your plants need to thrive! Their thin narrow design make them easy to mount in or under a shelf, windowsil, on the wall, or even sitting in the back of a bookcase!

Available in 24" and 48" they come with standard 120v power chord (8' long) with on off toggle and easy to use clip on hardware for hanging or mounting!

Includes 1 6400K (most commonly associated with the color of summer sunlight) t5 bulb.


~1x1x24" or 1x1x48"


24" = 1 lb

48" = 1.4 lbs

Reccomended use:

Place 6 - 48" away from plants, avoid foliage touching the bulb directly. Turn on for 4 - 12 hours a day depending on the needs of the plants. Please text or DM us on Instagram (@urbansproutsstore) if you have questions about how long to run your grow lights!

Periodically dust fixture to prevent any buildup. 




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