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Snake Plant 'African Spear'

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Sansevieria cylindrica 'Spear'
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This cool structural plant is as easygoing as it is fierce! Sansevieria cylindrica 'Spear' has earned its common name "African Spear" because of its indigenous origin in the African continent and its resemblance to a spear one might use for hunting. Each tip of this Sansevieria's leaves are actually quite pointy so be careful where you house this buddy so you don't get an unintended poke.

Originally from Angola in Central Africa, the African spear is an evergreen perennial succulent species. In the wild, they often grow together in dense clumps and spread slowly by creeping rhizomes under the soil. Adaptable and able to handle neglect, these plants are great for beginners.


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This plant can tolerate any natural lighting condition low to high, so long as the light is indirect! It can also photosynthesize using fluorescent light - great for the office!

Allow soil to dry out completely between waterings. Be sure water drains through at each application.

Fertilize monthly using Bacterial Inoculant!

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