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Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma 'Mini Monstera'

Vibrant | Fun | Textured

The way this plant's leaves develop into a rounded toothy texture as they grow is really amazing to witness. Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma, or "Mini Monstera", is a rewarding and adaptive addition to any plant collection!

The rather normal-looking leaves that it features when small gain a rounded serration as the leaves grow bigger. Depending on growing conditions and how much support it has, this plant can climb and sprawl across a scaffolding to be as large and spread out as you want it to be. Low light conditions and no support will cause this plant to keep its small leaves, so don't forget!

The small heart shaped leaves grow skattered along thin wire-y vines and produce delicate trumpet-shaped, pink to lilac colored flowers annually. Ceropegia Woodii is a moderately fast growing beauty and with proper care can easily grow 10 - 15 feet long within a few years! 

Propagate easily by placing a cutting with a node at the bottom in water and allowing to root. 

Lighting: Bright indirect

Water: Keep moist, do not allow to dry out completely

Soil/Potting: Plant in an organic potting mix that holds moisture well in a container with a drainage hole and made of slightly porous material like ceramic. Repot annually or when plant exhibits discoloration without the presence of any mis-watering habits

Fertilize: Monthly with bacterial inoculant recomended for steady growth

Temperature: Room temp, protect from harsh fluctuations in temperature particularly in the winter

Toxicity: Non-toxic for humans and pets; still definitely not tasty..


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