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Urban Sprouts

Orchid Kokedama

Did you know that there are more varieties of orchid than there are species of fish? For the most part their care can be generalized, but there's also quite a lot of them that have specific care requirements.

In general, they're very susceptible to root rot and are usually planted in something besides soil, whether that's bark, fast-draining soil, or even just a container of water! In our case, we decided to do something extra fun - we've put many of our orchids in stock into these kokedama moss ball planters, and they work fabulously! Just soak the moss ball in the sink once it starts to dry out and you're all set.

It's an interesting and unique way to plant an orchid, and the best part is that you can put it basically anywere. Many people hang kokedama from the ceiling - some even upside down!