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Mini Wood Sign - Plant Parent/Mom/Dad

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Let the world know, as you adorn your plants with these signs with pride, you are a PLANT PARENT! You parent the sh*t out of this plant by dutifully and lovingly tending to their each and every need. Whether that be providing emotional and physical support trellises, or upgrading their pots regularly so they don't get cramped feet you've been there as they grow into the plant you know they've always meant to be! Give yourself  some credit for their success and passively remind them to at least get you a card on mother's day with these miniature signs to decorate their planter.

Each miniature wooden stake is made from pine and treated with food safe sealant to increase durability! Approximately 3" high (including stake) and 2" wide.

We can customize that! 
Want to order in bulk and/or add your own personal touch - let us know!

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