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Urban Sprouts


Here at Urban Sprouts, we like to refer to marimo as "the pet rock of the plant world". The one and only care requirement it has is changing its water when it starts to look a little murky - that's it!

Marimo grow in only two frozen lakes in the whole world, one in Iceland and the other in Japan. Because it grows in frozen lakes, all it really wants is fresh water and to not get too warm (which means it doesn't really want that much sunlight. How much more perfect can this get?)

Marimo make for great freshwater aquarium plants! Many marimo owners even report the marimo "playing" with each other or the fish, which is the cutest thing ever. 

You won't notice your marimo growing, it only grows about a centimeter in diameter per year. That means it can just stay in its container and be perfectly happy for the next decade to come! Like we said: it's the pet rock of the plant world!