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High Output LED Strip Light Grow Lamp

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These lightweight grow lights are perfect for supplementing the natural sunlight your plants need to thrive! Their thin narrow design make them easy to mount in or under a shelf, windowsill, on the wall, or even sitting in the back of a bookcase!

Available in 12", 24" and 48" they come with standard 120v power cord (8' long) with on off toggle and easy to use clip on hardware for hanging or mounting!

Includes reflector to keep light directed downward towards your plants!

12" Length:

Light Output =1,250 Lumens
Power Consumption = 12 Watts
Rated Life = 50,000 Hours
Color Temp = 6400 Kelvin
Voltage = 110 Volts

24" Length:

Light Output = 2,550 Lumens
Power Consumption = 24 Watts
Rated Life = 50,000 Hours
Color Temp = 6400 Kelvin
Lighting Angle120°Voltage110+ Volts

48" Length

Light Output = 5,150 Lumens
Power Consumption = 48 Watts
Rated Life = 50,000 Hours
Color Temp = 6400K
Voltage = 110 Volts


Recommended use:

Place 6 - 48" away from plants, avoid foliage touching the bulb directly. Turn on for 4 - 12 hours a day depending on the needs of the plants. Please text or DM us on Instagram (@urbansproutsstore) if you have questions about how long to run your grow lights!

Periodically dust fixture to prevent any buildup. 

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