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Dragon Tree 'Malayka'

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Botanical Name: Dracaena

Common Name:  Dragon Tree

Dracaena or dragon trees are part of the Asparagus family known as "Asparagaceae"! These plants are native to Africa and South America and were cultivated as houseplants for their unique look! They have also been known to purify the air, making them a great addition to any home that likes fresh air!

Dragon trees have long narrow leaves, sometimes being described as sword-like! When looking at the Dragon Tree itself, the leaves are arranged in such a way that they resemble a crown! And the variety and variations of colors on Dragon trees are amazing! They come in all kinds of shades of green, red, pink, white, and yellow. Dragon trees can also produce blooms that turn into bundles of berries. Not much is found on how edible these berries are, but the leaves and stems are toxic to animals and humans.

Did you know?

The plant we call "Lucky Bamboo" is not actually bamboo, it is Dracaena! The Scientific name for Lucky Bamboo is "Dracaena Braunii". It can grow up to 60 feet tall and is one of the few plants that can live on only fluorescent lights!

Dracaena at a Glance:

  • Tolerant to household temperature fluctuations
  • Lovers of humidity but does not require
  • Low to bright (indirect light)
  • Water when top 3/4 of soil is dry

Armed with a little knowledge, Dracaena are a joy to have!

Struggling with your Dracaena

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