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Classes re-start in August! ---> Click to view calendar

Chinese Evergreen 'Emerald Bay'

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Aglaonema are among my personal favorite plants for beginners and for lower light spaces. Not only are the members of this genus beautiful to look at, they are also low maintenance, forgiving of care errors, and grow well even in very low natural lighting conditions!

Mature ‘Emerald Bay’ leaves are long and pointed and have a sage-y green center leaf color and darker coloration around the outside. A third shade of green can also be seen sprinkled in where the other two colors meet. The stems are a light green color and collect from a single stem that will rise out of the soil and turn into a fleshy trunk as they age. The 'Emerald Bay' variety is a relatively new cultivar of the Aglaonema 'Golden Bay' which shares many similarities but have different colored stems.

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