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Chinese Evergreen 'Chocolate' 6"

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The Aglaonema 'Chocolate' is truly as decadent as its cultivar name suggests. This variety produces warm chocolaty brown hues in its leaves along with some spectacular color splashes here and there. Due to the amount of colorful surface area on these leaves this variety grows more slowly than many others of this genus, making it slower to produce, and an extra special treat when you can find one! This plant grows in an upright growth pattern. Large leaves grow along a central stem, which with thicken into a fleshy trunk as the plant ages.

Aglaonema are among my personal favorite plants, particularly for beginners and lower light conditions! Not only are the members of this genus beautiful to look at, they are also low maintenance, forgiving of care errors, and grow well even in very low natural lighting conditions! 

This listing is for the plant only. Planters and accessories not included. 

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This plant can tolerate any natural lighting conditions low to high, so long as the light is indirect! Medium to bright light will produce larger leaves and promote faster growth.

Water when soil drys out about 3/4 of the way. Water gently and evenly at each application. Aglaonema have fleshy roots, which can make them prone to root rot if over watered. Be sure to pot in a well draining soil and in a container with a drainage hole.

Fertilize monthly using Bacterial Inoculant! This is a flowering plant. Be sure to fertilize regularly, but especially before and after a flowering season. Most commonly in late Spring - early Fall.

We recommend polishing leaves on this plant once a season! Regular cleaning can help prevent pests and improve plant respiration.

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