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New Summer Hours!! . . . . . . Now Open Mon - Sat 10-7 Sun 10-5!

Cactus 'Golden Rat'

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This is a super cool cactus with a less than flattering name. Meet the Golden Rat Tail Cactus, Cleistocactus winteri. In its mature state these golden spine covered tendrils will grow over one another to resemble a tangled pile of noodles!

Cleistocactus winteri is native to Bolivia where it can be found in only a few places, typically out of forest cliff sides at a very specific altitude of about 4,000 feet above sea level.

To care for your cactus water when the soil becomes very dry in the summer months and provide bright light for optimal growth. In the winter drastically cut back watering to prevent rot.

This listing is for the plant only. Planters and accessories not included. 
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