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Black Pepper Plant 6"

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Ever wondered where the pepper you put on your food comes from? This is it! Piper nigrum is a flowering vine whose dried fruit is what we use on our food every day! They are also delightfully fun to grow in your home!

This plant can produce white, black, green and red peppercorns! Throughout the summer the vine will flower and berries will grow and ripen throughout the year. Pick and dry them when they are green to get green or black peppercorns, harvest red berries for white or red pepper! Plants will first flower between 3 and 4 years old.

Note* This plant produces small crystalline balls on the under sides of their leaves that contain sugars called exudates. Over time, these balls turn black and are often mistaken for insects. These spots are totally normal and should not be removed from the leaves.

This listing is for the plant only. Planters and accessories not included. 
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