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Aloe 'Book'

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Colorful | Easy | Iconic

Aloe "Book" is an interestingly wing-shaped variety that has turquoises and reds in its leaves, drawing the eye and adding a spot of flavor to the room.

For the first few years of its life, the leaves continue to grow opposite each other. They then grow into a more classic rosette spiral. The turquoise tones deepen slightly as it matures.

This is one of the more cold-resistant varieties of aloe, capable of withstanding temperatures in the twenties with no damage!

Propagate easily by removing one of the pups from its base when the pup is large enough to have true leaves and re-plant. 

Lighting: Bright direct.

Water: Allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings, and make sure water drains all the way through the soil as standing water will harm the roots.

Soil/Potting: Plant in a rich, organic soil in a container with a drainage hole and made of slightly porous material like ceramic. Repot annually or when plant exhibits discoloration without the presence of any mis-watering habits.

Fertilize: Monthly with bacterial inoculant recomended for steady growth and to promote flowering

Temperature: Does best in hot or warm climates, but can withstand low temperatures.

Toxicity: Unsafe for consumption by humans or pets.


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