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8/16 @ 6:00 Mini Moss Gardens

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Join us for our DIY moss garden workshop! We will teach you everything you need to know about building, and caring for beautiful mosses. Walk away with a beautiful moss garden you've made yourself and learn some interesting facts about our moss-y friends! Children old enough to enjoy and participate in class are welcome. Adult supervision required for children under 16.

Your booking includes instruction plus a $10 credit to use towards supplies used in your build. Projects can be made at a wide range of sizes, styles and complexity. Most will spend an additional $45 - $200 on their projects (you decide how much you spend - perfect for any budget).

Please do not bring materials from home to class. If you have a vessel or other materials you'd like to use in a project Book the terrarium bar for a private session with an instructor to help you make a one of a kind creation.

Please make 1 reservation per project being completed. If 2 adults would like to attend and make one project together please book 1 slot and an additional instruction fee of $25 will be applied at checkout day of your class. If you are attending to assist or supervise your child in class you do not need to book your own slot unless you would like to make your own project.

Class will take place at Urban Sprouts

724 S 3rd ST Ste B
Renton WA 98057

Your success is at the heart of everything we do! We offer complimentary post care services to all our class attendees through our social media, in store and text support lines for one on one help with the long term heath of your project.

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