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7/26 @ 6:00 Kokedama Workshop

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Kokedama, also known as Japanese string gardens or moss ball planters are a form of bonsai in which a plant's roots are bound in a sphere. In this popular workshop you will learn a brief history of this amazing artform and walk away with up to 3 of your very own kokedama!

Your booking goes towards your instructors and includes the materials to make up to 3 kokedama bases. Most participants choose to make 2-3 as it can take a little repetition to fully grasp the skill plus it is traditional to group kokedama together in displays to attract wealth and good luck to your space. Plants used in your creations are not included and will be purchased at the end of class (most spend $30 - 100).

Choose from our wide selection of tropical, temperate and desert plants to use in your projects. Our helpful staff and instructors will help you chose just the right species for your space and desired care routine.

For public workshops we ask that participants please not bring materials from home. Have a plant you'd like to use? Book the terrarium bar for a private session with an instructor to help you make a one of a kind creation.

We ask that one reservation be made per person in attendance as class sizes are limited. Project sharing is not available for this particular subject. If you would like to make a kokedama together with a friend Book the terrarium bar for a private session with an instructor and we would happily assist you.

Class will take place at Urban Sprouts

724 S 3rd ST Ste B
Renton WA 98057

Your success is at the heart of everything we do! We offer complimentary post care services to all our class attendees through our social media, in store and text support lines for one on one help with the long term heath of your project.

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